What Final Fantasy Game Should Get a Remake Next

Welcome to a brand new show format to add to our podcast series, Ace World Roundtable! In this first instalment, Alex, Sam and AJ share their hopes and dreams for future Final Fantasy Remakes after the overwhelming success of the FFVII remake in 2020.  This is pure dreamland here folks, we are taking away the logistics and commercial politics of remaking Final Fantasy games and sharing our personal picks for what we would love to see from Square Enix in future. If you enjoy the show be sure to get in touch to tell us your dream FF remake!

Intro and plugs: 00:00 - 01:57

AJ picks Final Fantasy IV: 01:57 - 18:39

Alex picks Final Fantasy VIII: 18:39 - 34:02

Sam picks Final Fantasy IX: 34:02 - END

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