How Gaming Saved Us During Lockdown

Aloha and welcome back to another episode of our new series - Ace World Roundtable! In this week's podcast, Alex, Sam and AJ settle down with a few cold ones to discuss the immersive escapism that videogames afford gamers and how, in light on the ongoing pandemic, the medium has been a serious help to many people around the world in providing some much needed levity in trying times. So, make yourself comfortable and lose yourself in these incredible videogame worlds!

START - 01:44 - Intro and plugs

01:44 - 14:00 - Sam picks Bioshock (or not) and Stardew Valley

14:00 - 22:52 - AJ goes for Mass Effect

22:52 - 35:03 - Alex escapes to Deus Ex

35:03 - END - Other gaming escapes and wrap up